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    Latch lock SZ170

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    Latch lock SZ170

    It can be interchangeable with HASCO’s Z170 to greatly reduce the purchase cost.The high strength steel ensures the quality of the products.



    Similar to HASCO’s Z170 1. mechanical interlocking design, safe and reliable.
    2. Insert bar, end of pull rod adopt high frequency annealing treatment, so that easy to second time processing installed holes.
    3. This latch parts not only control opening mold sequence, But also control closed sequence.
    ·Please install the housing in parallel to the parting line first.
    ·Before install the control bar, please cut it to the necessary length, form the bolt hole. Please tighten the screw when mold closed.(Please note:Make sure in a fully position mold before fix the control bar, and eliminate the clearance between the control bar and locking roller)
    ·Please cut the latch bar to the necessary length, and installation in parallel to the parting line.
    ·Please install the latch lock symmetrically, otherwise, it would be fractured with the unbalanced force due to only one side of lockset be forced.
    ·This latch lock is the precise standardized item, please do not apply together with other own customer machined parts.
    ·If mold need to maintain, please remove the latch locks first.
    ·After installed, carryout a functional test, check whether the individual parts of the latch lock units moves smoothly, the stroke is applicable.Recommend testing on matched Molds machine or Injection machine,no Lifting Machine.